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Is Your Website Ready For Digital Promotions?

Is your website ready for digital promotions?
A digital marketing audit can diagnose/detect any issues in digital strategy and fix them to reach the business goals.
Here we come across the terms like:
• Digital Marketing Audit
• Website Audit
• Checklist for website Audit and many more

A digital marketing audit is simply an iterative process of all digital marketing efforts. The performance of all practices, strategies, ads and posts, etc. is evaluated to give a clear picture of where the digital gaps and loopholes really exist.

The audit includes:
• digital marketing channels in which the organization is present
• areas for optimization
• owned assets
• content performance
• paid performance
• competitor performance
• channel-specific trends

Digital marketing audits will have a checklist that includes all the important tasks that need to be completed to ensure that we are taking full advantage of digital marketing to grow our business.

In general, this digital marketing audit has a child-like website audit and it comes in to picture.

Website Audit:

Before moving further with search engine optimization (SEO) or website redesign, a website audit is a review of your site's overall performance. Websites are very complicated; they are not simple as they appear. We have to give them the deserved time, attention and regular visits.
A website audit just not only helps us to improve the experience for our users but also helps with SEO and their respective conversions.
This website audit will help us to know the status of our website in various directions like:
• Uncovering the changes that need to be made on your site (and why to make those changes)
• Understanding how well optimised the SEO of the site is
• Benchmarking site’s performance
• Keeping website well-maintained for the future
A website audit is done in various parameters like
• Page speed
• Site Experience
Server response time
• Security
• Maintenance
• Updating databases or plugins
• Refresh the content
• Updating copyright, Terms & Conditions, privacy policies
• Website backups (weekly or monthly)
• Core upgrades (CMS updates)
• Malware Free
• Through out-dated plugins
• Vulnerable hosting service providers
• Accessing admin pages easily
• Having Weak passwords
• Code sent through emails to track the key log
• No Duplicate Content
• SEO-friendly
• Keywords usage and their targeting
• On-page optimization
• Web pages titles, header tags and descriptions etc.
• User-friendly URLs
• Site structure for easy navigation
• Site performance(the loop iterates)
If everything goes well on the website, the process will be smooth for digital marketing.
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