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Algorithm Alert: Google January 2020 Core Update and Featured Snippet Algorithm- What you should know?

What are Google Algorithms?
Google algorithms are used to fetch the data from the search index and delivers the best results when searched for a query on its engine. The search engine amalgamates the algorithms and other ranking factors to deliver the webpages basing on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP’s).

Google used to make a couple of updates every year, but it has increased its pace with the growing websites, traffic and hence making thousands of changes to its algorithm every year. Most updates are just unnoticed. However some important updates will significantly impacts the SERP’s.

Some previous algorithm updates that majorly impacted on the search results are:
• Fred
• Humming bird
• Intrusive interstitials update
• Mobilegeddon
• RankBrain
• Panda
• Penguin
• Pigeon
• Payday
• Page layout Algorithm

*De-duplication of Google right side featured snippet –no more repetitions*
Google has stopping the de-duplicating of featured snippets which are show =up on the right side when you searched for a query. Of course it’s changed its position from right to left. The new rolled out algorithm restricts URLs in featured snippet to appear again within the first ten organic search results.

Key takeaways from “January 2020 Core Update” for SEO professionals
The recent update is considering as a broad core update by the professionals as it will impact the search results worldwide. There are no inclusive or exclusive regions for this update as it effects throughout the world. It is not an update that webmasters should improve upon. Google shared its analogy on SearchLiaison regarding its update to guide the professionals.

The summary of the analogy is revitalizing and refreshing the old content on sites can enhance the search viability and visibility across the web. If your top ranked web pages got downed today, it doesn’t mean that it has breached the guidelines but, it concerns about the refreshing the old and switching to the new.

The current algorithm update mainly effects on the top 10 results, some websites may go up and down basing on the key content factors. One should look into the old content and see the ways to replenish and boost the content with relevant, new, valued content in order to get back to the normal may take some days and weeks to paramount the results.

If your rankings got dropped, don’t worry just peep into the factors that affect your rankings matching with recent broad core update and consider how you can resolve it with a comprehensive solution for searchers.

If you are negatively impacted by the Google Broad core algorithm update, you should understand that pages that lost traffic are not penalized. The core update is about the page ranking where you no need to wait until the next core update for recovery and it’s not about the spamming.

Worrying about your page rankings and how to replenish your content with the latest update? We are here to help you get back. Connect with GA Digital solutions today and improve your rankings.

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